Tour Through Time

New York City circa 2012

The session begins on the outskirts of Rome. After securing camp, they head into the city to discover that a new kindred Triumvirate has formed under the ancient codes of Julius Senex. The new leadership is headed by Victus, marcus abutor, and Vwynn. After some tense discussions about the Pope situation, it is decided Vwynn must die. We will not call it a battle, just an execution as Timjuradi’s ancient blades know only swift death. In a bold move, Isabella Abutor assumes the now vacated chair.

The party then moves to the Vatican, and in some intense political maneuvers, Ahnumanii coerces, bribes, and extorts Giovanni de Medici into position as Pope. After Pope Julius the II dies of a fever, the College of Cardinals convenes. After 3 days, Giovanni emerges as Pope Leo X. With the use of awe and other such powers, Pope Leo overwhelms the masses.

In victory the party marches to the steps of St. Peters Cathedral. And they meet Aeon for the first time. Aeon is the Sentinel of the Imperium, ancient mages that police Archmages. Apparently the Imperium feels that Marduk has interfered with the spectrum of fate all too often, using his 4 horseman to do so. Aeon desires to eradicate the party and imprison Marduk. Marduk comes to the rescue, and instead blasts the party far forward on the time line to New York City circa 2012.

Ahnumanii quickly embraces this age as its prophet, the Akkadian as usual hides and observes from the mask of the current age, Timjuradi slaughters horses, and Tyr attacks helpless kindred. They quickly settle in at the Waldorf Astoria and Ahnumanii takes the building over completely, forcing the manager Mark Jenkins to bow to his will. They throw a Masquerade ball, MC’d by Kanye West with such celebrities as Ben Stiller, Lindsay Lohan, P Diddy, Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Derek Jeter, Alex Rodrigues, Mike Bloomberg, Mario Cuomo, Tony and Charles Koch, etc. It is a rousing success, and draws out the Prince, Charles Beckett. With a bit of interogation, Prince Charles has a bond. He is controlled by ancient Invictus. The Akkadian finds Invictus in Central Park and invites him to a meeting. He is on his way…

Waldorf Astoria
Waldorf astoria new york


Let’s find a good realtor for Invictus. We’re good like that.

New York City circa 2012
lordbaccus lordbaccus

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