Tour Through Time

Rome, beginning of the Empire, 63BC to 60BC

The brood awakens in the bowels of a museum of history in 63BCE. The priests of the mighty God of Trickery Mercury maneuver the party to a bastion painted an ominous black. The God Mercury arrives and reveals himself to be the ancient and wise Marduk. The party has learned a thing or two now and immediately insinuates itself onto the scene. The old denizen of the bastion is booted and after a skirmish for the North Tower, the party fits in. The kindred no longer rule as Gods, but live in the shadows under a construct called the Camarilla. The ruler, the Pater Sanguiness discounts the age and wisdom of this party, and it costs his life as they grant support to the usurper Fabius and Scipio. The pater is killed, his mortal rulers the Consults are decapitated, and the Triumvirate headed by Julius Caesar is placed into power. In exchange for the support, Fabius grants the party positions of authority in the Camarilla, a decision that in time he is sure to regret…

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