Tour Through Time

Rome, the rule of Fabius, 60BC to 50BC

The coeterie is rather busy after several members decide to approach Marduk with personal agendas, he tells them they can help by delivering the nymph Larunda to the God Starurn. In this process they also meet with Fabius and Scipio and meet the other kindred of the Camarilla. Fabius wants to purge the heads of the rulership under The Pater Sanguiness. In part of this process they dispatch of Gathrik and overtake the Castellum Petra, which now serves other purposes for the party. They sneak in the Necropolis with Necros the Nosferatu as a guide and destroy the Nightwatcher, and his 3 cohorts in a huge battle, almost costing Tyranus his life. They are victorious in the end. From there they take Larunda to the Temple of Saturn in the lowlands. The party is accosted on the way by a mob of angry citizens, Anumani spares them in the end by convincing their leader Brutus that he hears their anger and will make their lives better. At the Temple of Saturn they battle the evil Scelesti Abyss Mage named Patmos, and within meet Saturn who claims to be Sutekh. After some intense negotiations, they realize it is not the same Sutekh, but a demon claiming to be him. In exchange for the secret, Anumani and Akkadius ask for a restoriation of their Humanity, Tyr asks for a classy Merkin. The depart succesful. The timeline then advances 10 years to when Caesar is returning from Gaul. Marcus Crassus is dead, and Pompay and Caesar prepare for civil war.
50BC is when we being again.



lordbaccus lordbaccus

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