Ahnumanii, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Dark Lord of Destruction, The World Ender


apparent age:
clan: Ventrue
race: Mesopotamian
nationality: Babylonian

Magic Items possessed
-Appollos Crown (1 social rolls)
-Hipocrates Staff (4 lethal, 100’ range, returns if tossed)
-Plates of Set (armor 3, +1 health level)
-Spear of Rage (bypass armor, 4 agro, floating 100ft)
-Gold loin cloth (
1 social rolls)
-Cape of endless Ruin (1 intim rolls)
-Sash of Pantalous (
2 def)

Ventrue who hails from Babylon

Lucius Ferious Maxiumus, Roman Name


Apprentice of Marduk
destroyer of the tower of Babel
incited the rebellion of Egypt
crumbled Greece with the release of Eris, goddess of chaos
New York City


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