Fabius Maximus

Fabius, the Regent of Roma Camarilla


apparent age: 59
embrace: 211BC
height: 5,10"
weight: 180#
clan: Julii
Bloodline: Cunctator

Fabius is the Regent Ruler of the Camarilla of Roma from 60BC to 48BC (his fate is unknown)

He is a great politician and war tactician and supplanted Maximus the Pater Sanguiness in a brutal coup d’etate that coincided with the birth of the First Triumvirate and the execution the Consults Afrianus and Mettellius.

He has been attached with Scipio most of his undead existence.


Quintus Fabius Maximus Verrucosus Cunctator (ca. 280 BC – 203 BC) was a Roman politician and general, born in Rome around 280 BC and died in Rome in 203 BC. He was Roman Consul five times (233 BC, 228 BC, 215 BC, 214 BC and 209 BC) and was twice Dictator in 221 and again in 217 BC. He reached the office of Roman Censor in 230 BC. His agnomen Cunctator (akin to the English noun cunctation) means “delayer” in Latin, and refers to his tactics in deploying the troops during the Second Punic War. His cognomen Verrucosus means “warty”, a reference to a wart above his upper lip

Fabius Maximus

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