The ancient God of Wisdom, who from time immemorial has a soft spot in his heart for Anumani


Marduk has taken many names and many guises throughout the ages. One thing is for certain, he is powerful, and for reasons few understand he has taken to mentoring Anumani. Many speculate what type of being he actually is, those kindred with Auspex know the answer. he has gone by the name Marduk, Thoth, Hermes, and Mercury.



From whence does Marduk come? He was already a God when our brood of kindred were embraced, his origins and power must have grown before that. Some say he even hails from ancient Jericho. He wields the elements as though they are clay for his making, and his storehouse of knowledge is said to contain everything that has even been known. It is said he possesses emerald tablets which contain all things that were, are, and will be. Some even think he is the first being ever made. All just speculation. One thing is for certain, in every era of mankind Marduk has had a role, played a significance in their development.


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