Sutekh, Lord of Chaos

Sutekh the Lord of Chaos


A powerful Egyptian Deity with mysterious origins and power. He seems to travel between the Underworld and the Material Plane with ease. he also has a priesthood that is fanatically dedicated to him, and he founded a bloodline of kindred called the Khaibit to guard his temples. He is represented by the Ardvark and the Serpent.


From whence he comes, none know. Our party encountered him first in Egypt and he made a bargain with them and they took his masks of power in exchange for loyalty. They betrayed him, and later he annihalated them via petrification in Macedon under the guise of Hades. In Rome it was believed that Saturn was in fact Sutekh but after a confrontation with Saturn they realised this was untrue. The Party wishes to keep the masks but to break ties with Sutekh. They know if he finds them he will kill them, so they must meet him on their terms.

In Rome there is no sign of Sutekh…yet…

Sutekh, Lord of Chaos

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