Creator of Sayarsus, Keeper of the Erymanthium Guild of Assassins, and Black Horseman


Age: (2012) 3781y.o.
Apparent Age: 19
Date of Birth: 1769b.c.
R.I.P.: 1750b.c.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Race: Mesopotamian
Nationality: Babylonian
Height: 6’
Weight: 185lb.
Sex: Male

Tyr is very athletic and muscular. He trained as a warrior in life. He has a prickly demeanor and is no stranger to fighting or violence.


Tubityaruta—Tyr—Tyranus—Tyron-Terric-Azalan-Ottavio Vineziana-Jason Bishara

Tubityaruta “Tyr” was born in a time of peace for Babylonia (1769bce.) At the time, King Hammurabi was posturing himself for war (1784-1764bce,) while the surrounding kingdoms were changing coalitions. During this time of stalemate with the other kingdoms, Hammurabi began to fortify several cities on his northern borders. In 1764 Hammurabi dealt with the main powers of the Tigris to the East, whose position threatened to block access to the metal-producing areas in what is now modern day Iran. Tyr was a boy, only five at the time, but was still eager to be trained as a soldier. His father, Mannum-ki-iliya, was a long-standing tactician and captain in Hammurabi’s army, and Tyr admired and loved him greatly. His mother, Ilusha, was rarely present in his life, due to an estrangement of his parents shortly after his birth. Their relationship was always strained and often very formal and unfeeling.
Tyr enlisted in the army at the age of 12 and by 17 was given the great honor of becoming one of eight personal guards to King Hammurabi’s son, Samsu-iluna. By 1751, the company had become close comrades and traveled north to further fortify the route of the Euphrates in the small city of Rapiqum. Upon returning to Babylon, Tyr was instructed to meet Marduk and become a god.
Three others were present at this blood initiation, and Tyr was given a new life from a woman called Sheeana (Gangrel.) Marduk called his new brood Melec—(Angel of God—Marduk’s Hand,) and the four have remained companions.


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